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              2-hydroxy-benzonitrilAcetoin2,3-ButanedioneAcetaldehyde Trimer3,5-Dimethylpiperidine4-Methoxycyclohexanon3,3,5-Trimethylcyclohexanone3,4-Hexanedione4-Hydroxy-3-hexanone
              Acetaldehyde Trimer
              Acetaldehyde Trimer

              Chemical formula:C6H12O3
              Molecular weight: 132.16
              CAS No.: 123-63-7
              Structural type:
              Appearance and properties: colorless oily liquid
              Usage: used in pharmaceutical industry, organic synthesis and other purposes. Trimeric acetaldehyde is easy to decompose into acetaldehyde. It can be used as a stable form of acetaldehyde to facilitate the storage and transportation of acetaldehyde. About 50% of triacetaldehyde is used in the field of pesticides in Japan, followed by solvents and diluents for aromatics, medicine and coatings, solvents for measuring molecular weight, solvents for medicine and organic synthesis, rubber accelerators and antioxidants.